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Who We Are

Songs of the Believers is an interactive, sex-positive Christian community of both men and women who seek to enhance all aspects of marriage. Through constructive, positive, and bold communication, we seek to build fellowship among our members, promote sex-positive thinking within Christianity, and champion marriage through celebrating successes, comforting those struggling, and praying always.

Why Us?

Marriage is a fundamental building block of society. Within a healthy marriage, the cornerstones are faith, trust, communication, and sex. We adopt a "Song of Songs " philosophy that recognizes sex as an amazing gift from God that we should not fear yet embrace.  We believe too often, Christians do not communicate about sex and we need to start that now. So, at Songs of Believers, we seek to blaze new trails by boldly discussing and celebrating sex and breaking through barriers that Christians have too often built on this important topic so important to our health and marriages.  We do this while keeping boundaries in mind and our community safe.

What We Believe...Our Song of Songs Philosophy

We believe that the marriage bed is undefiled.
We believe that sex should be celebrated within marriages.
We believe sex is a cornerstone of successful marriages.
We believe in the sex-positive movement.
We believe in monogamy and fidelity, always.
We believe erotic stories involving married couples are healthy and appropriate, recognizing that each individual has a different comfort level.

We Are Safe for Women

We have a large female membership and seek to have it be around half of our membership in the future.  We have a women's only group, and many female members have already become friends.  

When You Join Us...

Songs of the Believers is an interactive community that boldly and proudly discusses sexuality.  We include men and women, who interact both on our main wall and within groups, as well as one-on-one at their own discretion.  We discuss topics from mild to "hot" and everything in between, always being encouraging, positive, loving, and supportive.  Be ready for some great discussion!

Safety is #1

We don't allow lurkers, so participation and discussion is required for ongoing membership.  We are a safe, troll-free community, so we boot anyone caught acting inappropriately or using the community for means beyond our mission

Basic FAQs

What's the Minimum Age?
18 and above. No exceptions, period.

Do you allow couples to join?
We enthusiastically welcome couples and encourage both the man and woman to join but each spouse must have their own account.

Should I use my real name or an anonymous one?
We encourage our members to remain at least somewhat anonymous in the screenname they choose and how they fill out their profiles and interact with others.  However, many members do choose to use a picture or a part of their name.

What do I do to join?
When you request to join, you'll be asked to choose a name (you can use an anonymous screennname), fill out a series of questions and please do so thoroughly.  Once approved, you'll need to fill out a bio describing the basics about yourself (age, how long married, gender, reasons for joining!) and choose a custom profile picture.

Must I participate in the discussions?
Yes.  You don't have to join every thread, but your participation is required for ongoing membership.  We don't allow "lurking" as the sensitivity of the discussions means people need to feel comfortable - that happens when people comment.

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